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The Firm has extensive experience in wills and estate law on both national and international levels particularly with reference to inheritance rights of Italian and foreign citizens with respect to assets located in Italy.
In particular, the Firm provides legal advice and qualified assistance in the field of intestate and testate successions taking care of all the client’s needs at any stage. The Firm deals with the interpretation and probation of the will, the acceptance or waiver of the deceased’s assets, the administration and distribution of the estate and the rules governing the undivided estate, the invalidity of a will, as well as any legal actions intended to restore the mandatory portion of the estate reserved to legal heirs, through reduction and restoration actions, and in general, all the issues between heirs following a testate or intestate succession.
In addition, the Firm assists foreign clients, particularly Italian-American clients, beneficiary of estates, in the difficult process concerning the distribution of the estate and title to the deceased’s property and in evaluating the validity of wills drafted.
The Firm provides the client with a comprehensive overview of the deceased’s estate and prepares the declaration of inheritance for tax purposes in relation to the payment of any applicable inheritance tax.
The Firm collaborates with several Notary Public’s offices ensuring the client  greater protection and quick response in the assistance concerning complex deeds and procedures.




The Firm also has a strong Real Estate practice advising and assisting clients in negotiations concerning real estate assets in Italy. The Firm handles the legal aspects of the purchase, the financial structure, the management and the lease contracts.
Due to a constant and attentive monitoring of the Italian real estate market, the Firm is able to assist the clients, interested in real estate investments in Italy, by evaluating the best opportunities. We will provide legal assistance during the negotiation phase and propose solutions on any related matter.  
With reference to condo buildings matters, the Firm offers its professional and consolidated experience on the regulation of the condo buildings, use and enjoyment of common areas and/or exclusive areas, ameliorative waste, allocation of the common expenses, drafting of regulations, and assistance in favor to each tenant/owner in litigations relating to their interests in the property.  




Disputes relating to family matters are always difficult to address. Emotional factors and impulsiveness often contribute to exacerbate an already complex situation. Obtaining specific and professional advice from the beginning is essential in order to avoid possible risks and ensure a smooth process.
The Firm has a long-time experience in family law practice, in particular with reference to uncontested or judicial separation, maintenence of the less fortunate spouse and children, divorce, as well as separation of spouses having different nationalities. We can also advise in procedures relating to the status and capacity of persons such as guardianship, debarment, disqualification, child protection and on cases pertaining to the not-recognition and/or establishing paternity procedure.   

Furthermore, the Firm also gives advice on the partial legal recognition of the “de facto relationship” through cohabitation agreements consisting of written agreements by which a “de facto couple” can define the management of their economic-estate asset.




Drafting properly a contract which contemplates the appropriate provisions allow to prevent disputes or, in the event of litigation, to avoid or limit the negative legal consequences. 
The Firm has boasts well-established experience in all fields of commercial contracts and provides valuable professional assistance during the phases of investigation, negotiation, drafting and review of agreements or contracts, by protecting and driving the client in the preparatory phase and in the subsequent stipulation and execution of the contract.  
In contractual matters, the Firm handles, among others, contracts such as distribution, agency, procurement contract, subcontracting agreement, transport, sale and purchase of movable and immovable property and lease.




The governance and the operating rules of a company are the prerequisite for having the company operate properly and effectively. In such respect, it is essential to consult professionals with the highest expertise and experience.

Our professionals are capable of assisting the clients with accuracy and promptness providing legal assistance  and opinions  pro veritate in every stage of the transaction.  

In particular , the Firm is able to guarantee complete and qualified assistance in the formation of an Italian company, in the drafting of shareholder agreements between the foreign and Italian shareholders, and in the enforceability of the Italian corporate law rules.  




The Firm has a significant experience in the field of bankruptcy law and insolvency proceedings.  Since its foundation, the Firm assisted companies in financial distress as well as authorities and institutions dealing with insolvency procedures. 

The Firm assists on a regular basis bankruptcy commissioners in performing their duties, companies in financial distress that should start insolvency proceedings and individuals requesting assistance in order to defend themselves in actions brought against them by the procedure.

The Firm acts in the client’s best interests from the pre-bankruptcy phase up to the insolvency declaration, both in liquidation and recovery of assets by filing request of admission of debt proof in the bankruptcy, and by filing request of oppositions to the debt proof. 




The debt recovery, both judicial and non-judicial, is a consolidate practice carried out by the Firm, in favour of individuals, companies and legal entities, both through enforcement procedures such as injunction, cease and desist orders, and through ordinary litigations and the enforcement actions.

Furthermore, the consolidate collaboration with several other Italian law firms based in different jurisdictions allow us to assist the client throughout the national territory.

The Firm always acts in the client's best interests. Therefore, before starting any judicial activity, the Firm carefully analizes the chance of recovery and informs the client about the costs and the outcome that could result from the recovery legal action. 




The Firm has a strong expertise on personal injury and torts. The Firm, thanks to professionals who have a consolidated experience in such field, provides legal assistance in relation to personal injury, damage to property, torts, death casualties, indirect damages and losses suffered parents and relatives of the victims, and furnishes to the clients an estimate of the economic and moral suffered damage.

The Firm is able to find a prompt solution that enables the client to obtain the due indemnification for the suffered damage in a short lapse of time. The Firm manages the claim in all the stages until until the settlement or the litigation before the competent courts.

In case of complex matters involving the loss of a relative, the Firm also manages all the necessary collateral activities, by means of a professional expert on legal medical consultancy. Indeed the support and the advice of an expert of such field allows to conduct an accurate exam of the injured aimed at describing objectively the nature and the exten of the injuries suffered and, consequently, the amount of the settlement that could be reasonably claimed by the injured party. 




Frequently it is particularly complex to ascertain the liability of a professional and consequently the indemnification from the wrongdoer or from the professional insurance requires specific technical and mediation capabilities.

The Firm deals with disputes/litigations concerning the liabilities of all professional figures such as attorneys, notary publics, directors of companies, engineers, brokers, doctors and public or private hospitals, by providing the appropriate legal assistance in favor or against the aforementioned professional figures.

The Firm is able to classify the case of the client based on the specific aspects of the case, to evaluate the presence of liability and to quantify, where necessary with the support of technitians, the damage and to indicate the procedure to be followed. 




The Firm, due to the experience gained through the procedures carried out before the Italian IRS and thanks to the support of valid and expert associates, has developed a strong expertise in handling complicated Italian tax matters.

The Firm is capable of assisting the client in the pre-litigation and litigation phases, not only before the Tax Authorities and the Tax Court but also before the other jurisdictions competent in tax law.

Taxes, fines, charges and social security contributions can be successfully handled through the appropriate defences. 



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