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Avv. Vincenzo Castiglione

ITA Phone : +39 095 38 79 03
E-mail :
Office : Catania 

Vincenzo Castiglione founded the Firm in 2007 and deals with judicial and non-judicial assistance in civil, corporate and tax matters.

For several years he has assisted Unicredit S.p.A. for the recovery of claims in out-of-court procedures as well as for companies and individuals both in judicial and non judicial procedures. He currently deals with legal actions related to professional liabilities. He also focuses on family law matters and in particular to disputes concerning the recognition or the disowning of the fatherhood and the protection of the parentage relationship.

He has attended an Insolvency Course at the Court of Catania in 2007 specializing in the bankruptcy and restructuring law. Since 2015 he is member of the Commission of Study of Corporate and Insolvency Law at the Bar Council of Catania. 

Law Degree, University of Catania, 2005

Forensic School “Vincenzo Geraci Foundation” 2005-2006

Course of Insolvency Receiver at the Court of Catania, 2007

Italian Bar Association, 2007 

Italian, English

Avvocato Vincenzo Castiglione

Avv. Dora Castiglione

ITA Phone: +39 095 38 79 03
USA Phone: +1 212 660 6400  
Offices: New York - Catania 

Dora Castiglione has started working with the Firm in 2007 and provides legal advice and qualified assistance in the field of intestate and testate successions, dealing with the client’s needs at any stage.

In particular she focuses on the interpretation and probation of the will, the acceptance or waiver of the deceased’s assets, the administration and distribution of the estate and the rules governing the undivided estate, the invalidity of a will, and in general, all the issues between heirs arising in connection with testate or intestate succession.

Moreover, she assists foreign clients, particularly Italian-American clients, beneficiary of estates, in the complex procedure concerning the distribution of the estate and in evaluating the validity of the wills.

Law Degree, University of Catania, 2003

Master, “Liability of the Companies under Environmental Law”.
Statale University of Milan, 2004

Italian Bar Association, 2006

Italian, English, Spanish

Avvocato Dora Castiglione


Via Ramondetta n.9,
95129, Catania
Phone : +39 095 38 79 03
Fax : +39 095 38 79 03 

One Rockefeller Plaza,
10022, New York, NY
Phone: +1 212 660 6400
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